What to do when you’re Horny….

well you e mail the guy ….but you didn’t really want to put in a take out order for that particular evening, you were trying to plant the seeds for the next day or two …the guy responds…he’s available tonight…but it’s late and you haven’t really been feeling so great but as I mentioned before you are really horny…but instead of saying..yes come on over..you respond by saying “Estoy Complicada” which meets I am complicated …which means I have other plans…implying with a man…but the truth is you worked late…you just finished chowing down awesome, spicey, garlicy pasta that you just made with a touch of leftover Malbec from last Saturdays party. The Truth is I don’t enjoy asking for the booty even in a very subtle way…said man…very yummy and very well endowed…in town briefly. What I was hoping to do was to set something up for tomorrow but he has plans…Yes, that’s the point I think…you want to be a plan..Ok so I am sitting here blogging instead of getting some sex because random sex is getting kind of empty or becuase I have spicey garlic mouth or because I haven’t been feeling well and look like crap and it’s 11 pm and I don’t feel like glamorizing for anyone ( all the above)…. did I mention that the pasta was seriously spicey and it’s very dificult to find hot peppers here in Buenos Aires? Dam, their diet is so blando! I finally found some dried ones at Disco and I might have overdone it a bit. I am still sweating…..so horny girl will just take herself to bed and watch some tele….Do Gay men turn down sex and say…I am complicated …with or without Garlic mouth?…a good question for my friend J…his theory is that all men are Gay..well then he changed it to bi-sexual…becuase he says men are so horny their balls swell and they have to relieve themselves quite often..where am a going with this?…we swell too somewhere…maybe it’s more of an ache swell……most of us don’t just go on line and invite strange guys over to do us….J sometimes checks into a Telo…a love motel if the guy is really big boy…never been to a telo here but have been to a Love Motel in Tokyo…was pretty weird..takes the spontaneity out of it a little….I am trying to embrace being single and having this very random single life again after falling in love and living with a Baludo ( idiot ) re (very) Baludo….that’s a whole other blog….well good night then…seems I am too tired to pleasure myself and not only that.. it might could very well burn with the dried, hot, red pepper all over my fingers…

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